Fur the Perfect Do!

Hey Everyone! I adore fur. I know some people are against animal cruelty but I only have an item or two of fur & they are pretty old. Fur makes your outfit look so luxurious and complete, sort of like the high end. I love wearing booties with fur coat, it’s a perfect match for me!

Do you wear fur?? Let me know in the comments below!

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Loads of Layers

Hey beauties! The weather keeps changing from freezing to Spring-like, so layers continue to be a necessity of life.

The loose tops layered over the leather leggings mixed with the structured bag play off each other well.

I adore the huge, round bun matched up with the huge, round eternity scarf

Hunter boots paired with a soft sweater and grey sweater tights look cozy while being practicalA leather jacket is always the perfect topper, especially when mixed with classics such as the striped top and moto bag

This look remind me of a vacation about to start with the light layers topped off by the perfect hat

I can never get enough gold jewelry! I love all the gold and the bright green blazer mixed with the casual tie pants

How do you layer up yourself??

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Denim Styling!

Hey Dolls! Spring is almost here and it brings along the denim-inspiration. I love all the ways how denim can be incorporated into an outfit…beyond the standard pair of standard blue jeans (not that those don’t rock too ;))

Here are a few ideas…

How do you like to style your denims?? Let me know in the comments below!

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Pajama Dressing

Hey Girls! One of my favorite ideas for Spring 12 is Pajama Dressing. I do lots of sleep overs and PJ parties. Now, I am not suggesting people channel the sloppy, cartoon festooned pants à la Walmart (shudder). I am referring to flowy, silk pants and tops worn with flare and panache. They evoke a 1940s appeal towards the decadent while also providing unabashed comfort and meet my need for the lux in life.

Who wouldn’t want to stay in their PJ’s for the whole day??

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Once Upon A Time….

Hey Everyone! Happy Weekend, Today I want to share my top & all time favorite TV show with you guys. Some of you might have already guessed by the title…Yes, I am talking about “Once Upon A Time”. It is a fairy tale drama television series on ABC. It is the best show ever, with all the romance and all the fairy tale characters touch into one show. I just adore watching it and can not wait for the next episode!

Are you guys planning on watching it? Or do you already watch it then let me know which characters fashion sense do you like the most? I think I’ll have to go with Emma.

Trench Coats Perfect For Spring!!

Happy Friday Everyone! Spring has arrived and with it comes the unpredictable weather. Trench coats continue to be as popular as always this spring.  A trench coat is perfect to wear during transitional weather: whether the weather is gearing up to get warm or cold, but isn’t there yet. A trench coat is also incredibly versatile and works equally well with casual and dressy attire. I personally go with the Hippo prefers fitted and elegant styles (got to show off that fine figure 🙂 and classy colors: beige, grey, sand for versatility. This season take your pick from a confetti of styles: fitted, free flowing, ruffled, asymmetrical, belted, buttoned,  zippered, simple or embellished.

 What is your favorite type of trench coat? Or do you have a better way to combat that weather than with the always chic trench coat?

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A Touch of Pink

Hey Glam Girls! Today, I want to share with you my fashion tip which is also I guess Dulce’s too because when I was putting together the outfit pics that I used for my previous post, I found some perfect pics for this one too and from that I got to know that we both share the same fashion touch. Pink, pink and more pink…such a cute color and just a touch of it gives a light, carefree feel to any look.

Here are some of Dulce’s pics with a touch of pink…Perfect for this post!

Do you have any fashion tips/tricks/touch’s?? Let me know in the comments below!

Dulce Candy

Hey Everyone! How are you guys doing? Today I want to talk about my favorite fashion designer, I extremely love her fashion sense she is AH-MAZING!  She creates her looks with a wonderful mix of fabrics, layers and accessories while incorporating chic pieces. Here is her blog that has an equally gorgeous style.

Here I have gathered some of my fav pics of her outfits…(“some” because I can’t fit them all here) I think I love all of her outfits that she has put together so far..

Which one is your favorite outfit? Let me know in the comments below! I am between the first one with the cute bow bag & the fifth one where Dulce paired up the outfit with the yellow shoes and bag…


Snow In Spring?!

Alright guys it’s snowing here in Canada right now during spring?! Have we had that before, I don’t remember. Well we barely had any in winter so let’s have it in spring!… LOL. It has gotten super cold here now 😦 . This is like the 11th or 12th day of spring here….Urrr I am getting super cold so I am going to go and get myself a cup of coffee to warm myself up 🙂

Happy Snow!

Let me know in the comments below, what kind of weather do you guys have in your city/town right now??

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Rain Boots & Bubble Umbrellas During Spring!

Spring has sprung…and with it comes rain and puddles which make rain boots a necessity to combat the weather.

Here I have picked a few pics to show some ideas on how to wear rain boots without looking sporty or childish 😛

The trench coat looks ah-mazing if paired with rain boots and a bubbly umbrellaA clear bubble umbrella protects from the rain and adds a fun element to a practical necessityAshley Olsen in Jimmy Choo for Hunter rain boots.

Hilary Duff with mom in Burberry rain boots.Kate Moss – made rain boots chic.

The paired match of red skirt and red rain boots looks stunning!Tory Burch rain boots worn with a sweater trimmed in fur and a Chanel purse create a luxurious look.

Nicole Richie in Hunter boots.

What is your favorite way to style rain boots??