Perfect do for your Foundation!

A foundation is used to set the base of your makeup. It helps to cover any blemishes, imperfections and provides an overall smooth and completed look. You should get a quality branded foundation, the quality of a foundation really makes a big difference for the application and how it looks on the face and this is one makeup product where price does make a huge difference. The better and good quality brands contain skin protectors, moisturizers, provide a much better finish and coverage. Also, you should get a foundation with SPF sun protection, this is really important especially during summer, as the sun’s rays can be harmful for your skin. Choose the right foundation for you, women’s have different needs at different ages. A women of the age 26 will not need the same coverage as the one that is 35 or older. Foundation comes in many forms and types you need to figure out which one works for you the best. As for a women who has dry skin needs an extra moisturizing foundation that will help and reduce the common problems one faces with dry skin. There are also some that are meant to last for a long time. These types are good for those who will not have time for, nor the inclination to do touch ups throughout the day.

Applying foundation tips:

  • Make sure to wash your face, & make sure it is very clean prior to applying any facial makeup.
  • One of the best ways to make a foundation look good on your skin is to exfoliate. The exfoliation will clear all the dead skin cells and reveal a very fresh and younger looking skin, providing the foundation to look considerably better.
  • Put your foundation last especially those of you that are beginners. As many women start with foundation and then apply their eye makeup. This is a mistake, as the eye makeup can get messy, do your eye makeup first and then finish with the foundation.
  • Use mineral foundation as a seal. Mineral foundation is the finishing touch that not only a seals the foundation in place, but also provides a flawless finish. Also, use a powder brush instead of the sponge that comes with the mineral foundation you will be using (some mineral foundations already do come with a powder brush now). The powder brush makes a huge difference providing a more natural look and a lighter and more even coverage.

Wearing foundation can even out your skin tone and provide a blank canvas for the rest of your makeup. The most important trick to wearing foundation is to keep everything natural. Ideally, it shouldn’t look like you are wearing makeup at all.

What shade are you for your foundation? Do you use a mineral, liquid or pressed powder foundation?


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