Ponytails a Plenty!

The pony tail is back. But did it ever fall out of favor? The versatile horsetail can be worn low and flat, tucked under and sectioned off, or super slicked and damp. I personally love wearing my hair in a ponytail actually that’s probably the hairstyle you will see me in 90% of the time, especially when I’m working-out, running, or doing chores around the house.


3 thoughts on “Ponytails a Plenty!

  1. I like ponytails, their pretty cool and the best part is that it suits everyone eh! 😉 Especially girls eh! Now I said that because there are guys with ponytails as well, which is pretty weird but whatever its their choice. Right? Oh whatever. I really like this blog of yours and I really high ponytails. Oh yeah their pretty good then the lower ones. 🙂 Peace Now! 😀

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