Trench Coats Perfect For Spring!!

Happy Friday Everyone! Spring has arrived and with it comes the unpredictable weather. Trench coats continue to be as popular as always this spring.  A trench coat is perfect to wear during transitional weather: whether the weather is gearing up to get warm or cold, but isn’t there yet. A trench coat is also incredibly versatile and works equally well with casual and dressy attire. I personally go with the Hippo prefers fitted and elegant styles (got to show off that fine figure 🙂 and classy colors: beige, grey, sand for versatility. This season take your pick from a confetti of styles: fitted, free flowing, ruffled, asymmetrical, belted, buttoned,  zippered, simple or embellished.

 What is your favorite type of trench coat? Or do you have a better way to combat that weather than with the always chic trench coat?

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