Five New Habits For a Better Life

Hi my beautiful friends! How are you all doing today? Today’s post is a personal challenge and I am going to talk about five new habits that I am going to install in myself for the next 21 days, and the reason it is 21 days is that they say that if you do something consistently for 21 days it becomes a habit. So, I am hoping that I grow into making this habit more of a character for myself. And I invite each and every one of you to join me in this challenge J

Habit #1 – Give Compliments – Now the most important part about giving compliments is that you have to be sincere; you cannot just go around throwing compliments because people will sense it, people will feel it. We are all intuitive creatures that we can feel when somebody is being ‘real’ or when somebody is being ‘not real’. So, as you go through your day I want you to be really aware of your thoughts. Let’s pretend you are in a grocery store and a cashier is checking you out and you see she has done a really pretty makeup and you think to yourself mhhmm she has pretty makeup……Usually we think about these things, these positive things about others and we actually just think about them and never really say it. Some of you guys might already say it which is great! I try to say these things when I find something pretty, attractive or interesting about anyone that I see through the day, I already kinda do this one but I want to do it all the way 100%. The bottom idea is anytime you feel, you think a good thing about anyone it could be their makeup, their hair, it could be their smile, or it could be their attitude. It could be anything YOU don’t actually think it, you tell them. By doing this you are going to make somebody’s day. You are going to feel great because you gave someone a genuine compliment and maybe you are going to make their life, you never know what people go through and some actually never get any compliments. So, I challenge you to give compliments not only to your family but definitely to strangers that you get to meet throughout the day in school, at work , in a grocery store wherever you go through your day.

Habit #2 – Spend time with your family – It’s probably one of the most important habits to develop and a lot of us go through life, will live with the family so we spend a lot of time with them because we live in the same house but everyone is in their own world and in most cases I would be in my room on my computer and my sister would be in her room doing something. You really aren’t spending time with each other unless you are doing dinner together or something like that. So, you are not really getting to know each and every family member that you are so fortunate to have. There are people in this life that has never had any family. If you are fortunate enough to have family in your life, I urge you to spend time with them. So make a date with every person in your family, you are going to have 21 days. Like make a date with your sister to go shopping, you are going to have enough time. You actually get to spend quality time with them; you get to talk with them and get to know them better you know. Try to make it different try not to talk too much, let them be. You are going to find it quite magical. I used to do this before and I want to start it again. And the stuff that came up was just wow, we never talk about this. It is a beautiful thing because it is going to connect you better, you are going to feel better and it is going to just connect you to your own family. I think that if you can give that gift to yourself, you can give that gift to your family members you should definitely give it a try. So, for the next 21 days get to know your family; make dates with your family and try to spend really good quality time with each member of your family.

Habit #3 – Validate others – Validate your family members or your friends or strangers you get to meet through the day. Validation is very different from giving compliments. Validation is telling the person, you know your bus driver, your teacher, or your friend that you know what, I know that you work so hard and I really appreciate everything you do. So, if it’s your mom, you can say mom I know how hard you work, you cook for us and you clean the house and you do all these things, like I really appreciate it, you know I really love you. Here’s a movie to get you guys some ideas about validation (Watch the Validation video, it’s amazing: I am really excited about this one! Being open to everyone is going to make a huge difference for every one of us if we try this.

Habit #4 – Give more of you – Giving more of you but doing it unconditionally. They say real joy comes from giving and I totally, totally agree with that. Do I always give? I wouldn’t say so. I don’t know why?? It’s kind of a thing that it’s hard to give when you can. So, my challenge to myself and my challenge to you is give more of yourself to others. And giving more of yourself can really be anything you can either help your friend with homework, or your sister or brother is in a little stress you know you can tell them, I will help you clean the house today. You can give flowers to your mom; you know you can do anything. Challenge yourself to give something whether it’s time, a gift, you can even cook for someone, anything, anything goes. I will be consistently giving more of myself and I challenge you to give more of yourself.

Habit #5 – Learn how to ask for help – Now personally, I don’t think I have a problem to do that. Whenever I need help whether it’s looking for something or life challenges I am either going to go to my sister, my mom or to one of my friends and I am like what would you do in a situation…have you ever felt this way?? I believe that I usually do that but during previous months I have went through some problems and I just shut down. You know it’s not good to shut down; it’s really hard to open up to people around you. It is so much important to just talk to people around us and whether you are experiencing an emotional challenge you can ask for help, you can talk to people and ask them what helped for them…If there are any books that they can recommend or maybe sometimes you just want to talk and let it out and that’s all help you need just somebody to listen, maybe you just want to cry and you are feeling emotional you just need a shoulder to put your head on. It could be anything maybe you need help with starting a new business. Honestly, it could be anything. You cannot always do something on your own, if you can that’s amazing but don’t let your ego come in the way, when you can succeed and all you need to do is ask for a little help a little guide, do it. You are not demanding you are genuinely asking for help in a direction, if you need that or maybe emotional, anything. The idea is learn to ask for help because it will really help you in the big picture, it’s going to make a big difference, it’s going to help you out and there is no need to pretend and be strong you know, I should be able to handle this by myself, no.. I think that we are in this world together because we are here to help each other in any way that we can. I believe that learning how to ask for help is a really positive habit we can all make.

I really hope you join me in this challenge, and tell me in the comments below if this challenge has changed your life or has it changed anything at all?? It can be any difference in your life and it can bring you to a new experience. Tell me everything you do for this challenge, your experience of this 21 day challenge.

I know it’s not easy but we need to gather ourselves and get out of our comfort zones. Thank you so much for reading this post. I now it’s kinda long but thank you for reading through with it and I am so excited for this challenge because it’s starting tomorrow. Here’s my twitter (!/HumairaBeauty) let me know how you are doing in your challenge. Tweet me how everything is going…Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to like, comment, and follow!

Are you up for the challenge?


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