Makeup Tips!


Why should you care about makeup tips? The goal of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty. If makeup is done well, people around you won’t notice your makeup. Instead, they will think, ‘What great skin that person has! Their eyes are so beautiful! They look so healthy! They just glow!’ Great makeup tips will help you achieve this result.

You can easily execute a great makeup regimen in about five minutes. It can be useful to practice on days when you don’t have a tight schedule, to perfect your routine. Remember, in order to achieve the best results, use a moderate touch. Too little is better than too much. (That is one of the essential makeup tips!)

The first place to start is your foundation. If you have young, healthy skin, a tinted moisturizer may be all you need. If you have ruddy, blemished skin or a blotchy complexion, you may need to choose a foundation with more coverage. Many say that drugstore brands are as effective as expensive department store varieties at a fraction of the cost. Experiment until you find the type that works best for you. Choose the very least coverage you can use and still achieve an even skin tone. After your foundation is applied, you’ll want to work from the top down. So your eyebrows will be next. For light eyebrows, consider an inexpensive eyeshadow that is either the same color or one shade darker than your natural brows. For dark eyebrows, consider a colorless eyebrow gel to shape and define. Arch your brows, and use a small brush to create a very natural but attractive curve. Your eyes are the window of your soul, and need some special attention. Stay as close to your natural coloring as you can. Remember to apply your mascara in two light coats. Follow with a muted eyeliner pencil that compliments your coloring. For a finished look, apply a muted shade of eyeshadow. It should not be obvious that you are wearing it. It can be fun experimenting to see what colors work best for you. You have some latitude with lip color, depending on whether you are going to work or school, or out for the evening. Most days you’ll want to stick with a soft lip color that compliments your skin tone. You don’t want your lipstick to be the first thing people notice about you. Yet lipstick can be appropriately bold for parties and dining out. Be experimental and see what works for you. Finally, there is the power question! Does your foundation wear off as the day goes on? Do your chin and nose become shiny? If this is the case, powder is very useful. Otherwise, you will have a healthier glow without it.

As stated, makeup can enhance your features. It can bring out your true beauty. And great makeup tips can assist you with this.

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