Oval Makeup Brushes!!


Hi Beauties!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!! Today I wanted to dedicate this post to My Make-up Brush Set, I highly recommend going and checking out all their makeup brushes not just the ovals but the fan brush and powder bushes, they’re ALL just amazing and super super SOFT!!

I personally love using these for contouring my face, but you can use it for applying foundation, blending eyeshadows, you have all the options of using it for multiple areas all over your face! The brushes give you complete flawless coverage and they’re perfectly designed to handle with tilted tip for the top. Most importantly, they are so affordable..(use discount code: Get200ff on your next order!)

Here are some of the areas and descriptions you can check out on their website to get a better understanding on where and how to use: http://www.mymakeupbrushset.com/products/10-piece-oval-brush-set

So, beauties let me know in the comments down below, what you think of these amazing brushes!!

Lotsa love,




7 thoughts on “Oval Makeup Brushes!!

  1. I ordered these beautiful brushes less than 2 weeks ago. I received emails tracking my order and providing updates just about every day. It was actually an email that alerted me that they had been delivered today! (LOL)
    Not only are they beautiful, they came individually wrapped AND a black velvet pouch for storage…
    I am SOOOOOO impressed and will FOR SURE be placing future orders from this site!!

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