The Hunger Games Nail Polish Collection!

By Elle&Blair

Hey beauties! Now not only we have to be excited for the movie but also the China Glaze “Colours From The Capitol” Collection. I am super excited!! Yes, China Glaze is launching a nail polish collection inspired by The Hunger Games movie!! Here is a photo of the collections and some of my favorite shades….

  OMG! I can’t wait to try these! I like dress me up. Harvest Moon is pretty as well. The Luxe and Lush is so unique. Here are some of my favorite..

Dress Me Up

Harvest Moon

Luxe & Lush

Smoke & Ashes

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


Nail care tips!

Everyone looks nice with perfect & beautiful nails. Well manicured hands always look good and show how much you care about yourself. Get into a healthy diet to get better looking nails!

  • Diet – The best you can do to get better and healthier looking nails is to eat a healthy diet composed mainly of fresh fruits & veggies, whole-grain carbs and lean proteins.
  • Vitamins – Adding a vitamin supplement to your diet will also help to keep nails healthy and strong.
  • Water – Decrease the amount of sodas, energy drinks, coffees and other drinks you have during the day, and increase the amount of pure water (Read my post on Drinking H2O – click here).

What type of manicure is your favorite?