Hey Beauties ! Today I want to share and talk about trying Skinnymint detoxing tea.  Now that its summer and we all want to get fit and flaunt our summer tanned sexy bodies! As well as,  have clear flawless looking skin with as minimum makeup as possible! Haha, natural look is always effortless yet beyond GORGEOUS ;). Alright, let’s get into it, shall we…

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What is the Skinnymint 28 Day Teatox?The 28 day teatox consists of drinking two varieties of tea – one ‘Morning Boost’ which is drank each morning to give you a bit of pep and energy. ‘Night Cleanse’ is drank last thing in the evening every second night, to help ‘flush out toxins’ and remedy bloating and constipation. You receive 28 morning tea bags and 14 night time tea bags.
The aim of ‘teatoxing’ is to ‘help boost your metabolism, flush out toxins, reduce bloating and burn fat’. The teas are drank alongside whatever you usually eat, and can simply replace your usual morning and evening drinks.Morning Boost is primarily a green tea blend, with over half the contents of each teabag being green tea leaves. Green tea is a well known aid when it comes to weight loss, helping to boost the metabolism and burn fat more efficiently.

Night Cleanse is a senna tea, supported by a host of other ingredients which boost senna’s main property as a laxative. Following from senna we have ginger root. Skinnymint were quite clever in including this guy, as ginger will help in soothing the digestive tracts after senna has done its thing by irritating them. Gingers soothing properties has actually made it quite popular with those who suffer with irritable bowel syndrome!Peppermint leaf is a genuine wonder ingredient and peppermint tea is something I’ve actually drank for years. It’s brilliant for stomach aches and cramps. Peppermint is also a great aid in stopping bloating, as it helps you rid excess gas (yup, burping and farting – better out than in) which can make your stomach appear flatter.
Licorice root and psyllium husk are both included in the mix, licorice for its ability to soothe the stomach no doubt, and psyllium for its fiber and colon cleansing power. We also have hawthorn berry thrown in, which helps with anxiety, insomnia and mood-swings.

How do they taste?I have heard that ‘Morning Blend’ tastes like fruity green tea, as you might expect! The trick is NOT to brew it in boiling water, as that creates the nasty bitter taste I’m sure more than a handful of us associate with green tea.’Night Cleanse’ is pretty darn gingery, which makes it taste very warming and soothing. Ginger is the only flavour you get from this, then again, it is the strongest spice so it’s to be expected. If either tea isn’t to your taste, you can always add lemon or other citrus fruit, mint, herbs, cinnamon or honey to the blend without hindering their diuretic/ laxative properties. They can also be prepared in advance, kept in the fridge and served with ice.I will surely do an updated post on how well it works after trying it!! So stay tuned for that! 🙂


Oval Makeup Brushes!!


Hi Beauties!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!! Today I wanted to dedicate this post to My Make-up Brush Set, I highly recommend going and checking out all their makeup brushes not just the ovals but the fan brush and powder bushes, they’re ALL just amazing and super super SOFT!!

I personally love using these for contouring my face, but you can use it for applying foundation, blending eyeshadows, you have all the options of using it for multiple areas all over your face! The brushes give you complete flawless coverage and they’re perfectly designed to handle with tilted tip for the top. Most importantly, they are so affordable..(use discount code: Get200ff on your next order!)

Here are some of the areas and descriptions you can check out on their website to get a better understanding on where and how to use:

So, beauties let me know in the comments down below, what you think of these amazing brushes!!

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Get Moving!

Monday is the perfect day to kick your week off on a fit and healthy note. In light of summer and all the fun things that come with it, such as trips to the beach and pool parties, I wanted to share a great motivational tip for you guys to keep in mind throughout the week:
get moving quote
I love this quote because it inspires me to get moving! Even the simplest of exercises and moves, such as walking or jogging, can make us happy. Our mood becomes more positive because natural chemicals in the body, called endorphins, are released during exercise. These chemicals interact with our brain, reducing stress, warding off anxiety, boosting self-esteem, and improving sleep. Oh yeah, and exercise is great for getting a fit, fab bod too!
Not only is exercise a positive influence on your body, as well as essential for your health, but it can also be a lot of fun! Single song workouts  and simple moves for different areas of your body are fun ways to keep moving. Each day I try to do something from my 3 Moves Series. I do moves for my arms, my booty, my abs, and my legs! And all of these routines take less than 15 minutes. So why not get your workout on and boost your mood at the same time?

What exercises are you going to do to get moving this Monday?

How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner in Photos??

Hey Everyone! Have you ever wondered why is it that celebrities always look skinny in red carpet photos? Well, it is also true that some are skinny. So how is it that in pictures they all appear so slim-ly terrific? More importantly, how can we look 10 pounds thinner in photos?

The secret is in the pose. Here are a few secrets to appearing 10 pounds thinner in photos. You can practice these tips in front of a mirror.

  • Secret No. 1: Turn partially sideways to the camera, planting one foot in front of the other. Point your toe to the camera and place your weight on your back foot.
  • Secret No. 2: Pull head forward slightly to minimize any appearance of a double chin.
  • Secret No. 3: Hold arms slightly away from your body. This keeps upper arm flab from flattening out and therefore appearing flabbier (much like thighs do when one sits on a couch).
  • Secret No. 4: Pull shoulders back, chest forward and gently suck stomach in. Be careful not to suck stomach so far in that your ribs show, thereby causing those who later see the photo to cluck to themselves in a bemused, sing-song voice, “She’s sucking i-in.”
  • Secret No. 5: If you can, try the look away trick. To do this, look away from the camera, then turn towards it, breaking into a smile just before the camera clicks. Your smile will appear fresh, not frozen. This trick takes practice behind closed, locked doors.
  • Secret No. 6: Use objects you are holding to your advantage by placing them in front of parts of you you’d prefer to hide. A purse or corsage in front of your belly. A jacket slung over the shoulder. The very modern version of the corset, Spanx are famous for making women all over the world appear 10 pounds thinner.
  • Secret No. 7: Fake tans will make you look and feel skinnier. Unfortunately, they tend to reek, except for GlowFusion, a spray tanner I swear is not odorous.
  • Secret No. 8: It’s not just black that makes you look thinner. Wearing an entire outfit of just one color will do the trick as well, whether it be white, beige, brown, blue or red. One color tends to elongate your figure. Avoid entire outfits in pink, however, unless you are four years old or younger.

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Ruby’s Red Wash

Let’s face it ladies…even with the most fitting menstrual gear, the occasional leak is bound and determined to happen…most often on the day when we want it to the least!

Ruby’s Red Wash is created by psychologist Dr. Carolyn DeForest, it is a stain remover designed just for women, to mitigate the challenges of menstrual blood-stains in their clothing. The best part…it dissolves even dried, set-in stains, so the thought of having to toss out pretty panties or worse, expensive couture, is no longer a concern. The pleasantly-scented and fully biodegradeable (i.e. environmentally safe) it is a proprietary concoction of live bacterial cultures that successfully break down stains in a matter of seconds. Unlike currently available chemicals and bleaches that can often lead to damaged clothing, Ruby’s is safe to use on all clothing types.


  • Rinse stain with cool water to remove excess blood from garment.
  • Soak stain with solution. For best results, use a soft brush to loosen fibers and fully saturate. Let soak for a few minutes or up to several hours. Dried stains and certain fabrics may require a longer soak time.
  • Rinse with water until clean.
  • Now, celebrate your successful red wash!

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Once Upon A Time….

Hey Everyone! Happy Weekend, Today I want to share my top & all time favorite TV show with you guys. Some of you might have already guessed by the title…Yes, I am talking about “Once Upon A Time”. It is a fairy tale drama television series on ABC. It is the best show ever, with all the romance and all the fairy tale characters touch into one show. I just adore watching it and can not wait for the next episode!

Are you guys planning on watching it? Or do you already watch it then let me know which characters fashion sense do you like the most? I think I’ll have to go with Emma.

Snow In Spring?!

Alright guys it’s snowing here in Canada right now during spring?! Have we had that before, I don’t remember. Well we barely had any in winter so let’s have it in spring!… LOL. It has gotten super cold here now 😦 . This is like the 11th or 12th day of spring here….Urrr I am getting super cold so I am going to go and get myself a cup of coffee to warm myself up 🙂

Happy Snow!

Let me know in the comments below, what kind of weather do you guys have in your city/town right now??

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Spring Flowers!!

Hello everyone! I am so excited about summer and finally now that spring is here I have been decorating my house with lots of lovely pink tulips ( my fav!) and some lilies. Flowers bring joy to life and  fragrance. Mmmm … my room is smelling so good! It just makes my mood really happy. Instead of using sprays that are full with toxic ingredients, go for flowers, they are not only natural but also they make your room look pretty and smell nice!

So, what are your favorite type of flowers??, and if you are going to be decorating your room with lovely flowers do let me know in the comments below!

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Are you going to watch “The Hunger Games”?!

I am so excited, The Hunger Games is coming out next week! I have not read the books yet but I am sure that I will be eager to read them after watching this movie. Are you excited to watch The Hunger Games as well?! Being excited for this movie reminds me of being excited for Harry Potter and Twilight series and of course the waiting outside the theaters…..Are you one of those to go for a midnight showing?

Let us know some tips on what to bring along when planning for midnight showing??