5 Reasons to Love Lemon Water

Hey beauties! I love being inspired to write posts about healthy new discoveries. Today’s post is about something that I find very interesting, and I’m sure you will too! I’m going to tell you a bit about why you should be drinking lemon water every morning and how your body and mind will benefit from doing so.

Here are five reasons why you should start your morning with a refreshing glass of lemon water:

1. It detoxes your body. According to Natural News, citric acid (found in lemons, oranges and limes) does a great job at cleaning out your system and detoxifying your body. Drink up to get those toxins out!

2. It works wonders for your skin. Since lemons have a ton of vitamin C—a vitamin that rejuvenates your skin—drinking lemon water will help to give you a clear complexion. And, according to Cajunlicious, not only will it freshen up your face, it will also freshen your breath!

3. It helps with digestion. Lemon juice helps your body to flush out bacteria that hinders digestion. It will also help your body to do a better job at flushing out toxins.

4. It wakes you up. According to Livestrong, lemon water is a natural energy drink. Not only is it way healthier than coffee or chemical-filled energy drinks like Red Bull, but drinking it regularly is also said to give you more energy than these caffeinated beverages.

5. It keeps you slim. Making lemon water a part of your daily routine will help keep your body looking like a lean machine in several different ways: Lemons have fiber, which helps to stave off hunger cravings, and drinking a glass of lemon water will help you stay full longer throughout the day. In addition, MindBodyGreen reports that it boosts your metabolism. What’s not to love!?

A glass of water with a twist of lemon is such a rejuvenating way to start your entire day. The strong citrus taste may take a bit of getting used to, but drinking this elixir is definitely worth it. Just taking one look at the many health benefits above makes me want to gulp down a glass right now…

Will you try drinking lemon water each morning? Do you have any health tips you would like me to share in a post?

Leave your comments, questions and blog requests below and I’ll be sure to check them out 🙂



Green Goddess Juice!

Nothing is sweeter than clear skin and bright eyes. This juice recipe is meant to do just that!
Don’t be alarmed it’s sweeter than you think!
All of our produce is organic, of course.
You’ll need a juicer for this recipe…perhaps the time is now to get one!
2 apples
3 stalks of celery
1/2 bulb of fennel
1 cucumber
1 handful of spinach
*add half a lemon (optional)

 *Makes 24 oz.-approximately 2 servings

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Foods To Avoid

Hey Girls! People always ask me which foods I avoid in order to keep my skin clear. As you know, I’m not an expert, but here is a list of the top 3 food categories I try to stay away from:

  1. Fatty Foods: pizza, excessive use of butter, cheese and greasy/fried foods
  2. Extra Sugary Foods: cakes, pastries, cupcakes, soda (thank goodness Diet Coke is sugar-free!), donuts, and candy
  3. Super Salty Foods: potato chips, popcorn, French fries

I’m not saying I never eat these foods (because I do), but I do try my best to avoid eating them on a regular basis.

Just remember, you are what you eat! Our inner heath is reflected through our outer well-being and appearance. If something is bad for your insides, it will most likely make your outsides look unhealthy. I suggest eating the foods I listed above in moderation and to always drink lots (and lots) of water to keep your skin glowing, hydrated and acne-free!

What foods do you eat to keep your skin healthy?

Eating Cleaner (Tips)

What better time than the present to assess your diet and start making some healthy changes? Choosing to eat a cleaner diet can give you more energy, strengthen your immune system, and even help shed those pesky holiday pounds. Here are a handful of ways to get your diet back on track with a clean makeover.

  1. Check the sodium (aka salt)! You can check the nutrition facts on most foods to see what the daily percentage of sodium is per serving.
  2. Opt for organic! Eating organic is a great way to help out Mother Earth since organic foods have less of an environmental impact (no pesticides or toxins are used by organic farmers) and animals that are raised for food enjoy a nicer life-style compared to non-organically raised animals. Since organic products can be more expensive, prioritize your organic purchases by focusing on fruits, vegetables and meats. And don’t forget to stock up on lots of fresh fruits and veggies as it’s super important to incorporate them into every meal!
  3. Stay away from junk food! Junk foods (chips, cookies, baked goodies, candy or anything seemingly “unhealthy”) are full of refined sugars and hydrogenated and trans-fats, all of which are really bad for you. At first, it’s hard to give up junk foods, but once you start eating healthier foods, you will crave unhealthy foods less.

Do you have any healthy snack foods that help you curb your junk food cravings? Let me know in the comments below! & don’t forget to follow up!

The Health Benefits Of Vitamin C!!

Hey girls (or boys)! Vitamin C helps the body maintain healthy tissues and a strong immune system, and it aids in absorption of iron. Vitamin C is considered a powerful ally if you’re trying to avoid or kick a cold or other illness. Together with calcium and iron, it’s also an important part of a diet that counteracts lead poisoning.

Get your vitamin C naturally with these top 10 food sources, according to the USDA’s. You may be surprised to find oranges don’t rank No. 1 as many of us assume or know.

Here are other great sources of vitamin C:

  • Guava
  • Red Sweet Pepper
  • Kiwi
  • Orange
  • Green Sweet Pepper
  • Grapefruit Juice
  • Vegetable Juice Cocktail
  • Strawberries
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cantaloupe

Do you know of any other great essential nutrients for us? Let me know in the comments below!