Autumn Favorites!

Hey Beauties! Hope you are all doing well. Today’s post is on my favorite fall items! I love fall, it is my favorite season of the year, I just love dressing up warm and layering everything on top of each other, let jump right into it as I have lots to share!


I love the color change in the leaves, its so beautiful and just loving nature. I actually have a small story for you guys about this picture. So, my friend is from Singapore and she had a dream of watching the leaves change color and fall off the trees and she came to Canada to attend university and so the first year at university her dream came true to see the leaves change colors. We should be glad and lucky to see this kind of beautiful nature every fall. Their are people like her who dream to see this season!


I love wearing scarves in fall in all patterns, colors and styles. I just love this cheetah patterned scarf on Kim Kardashian. You can layer a scarf with any and every outfit. This is my most fav item of the season. I will layer it on any outfit I am wearing, I just love scarves they are so comfortable and an elegant fashion piece to style up your outfit!


Next is this black coat for this season. Selena Gomez looks ravishing in this black fall coat. I love wearing coats in fall and winter. I personally like longer coats compared to the short ones. Coats are a must for fall, they can be worn on top of any outfit and keep you warm and comfortable!


Boots!! I am obsessed with shoes, I recently got these JustFab boots and I love them. They are so comfortable and so cute! I have been getting a lot of compliments on them and I definitely recommend everyone to check out JustFab their shoes are in a good price range and really good quality and affordable.


I love wearing bold and dark lipsticks during the fall season. Miranda Kerr looks gorgeous with the maroon lipstick on. I love this color on her and I think its perfect for this season for anyone.

WOWTop5-With-a-pair-of-bootsLeather jacket are another one of my favorite fall wears. They can be paired with anything your wearing. Wearing a leather jacket can be styled from a hard-core bike rider to a classy wear. Leather jackets are perfect for fall seasons that can be worn in any style.


Pumpkin spice latte is the perfect drink for the fall season. I love drinking pumpkin spice latte every morning during fall. It makes you warm and cozy and just reminds you of the fall season.


These two nail colors are my favorite fall nail colors. They are so beautiful for the fall season. Whenever I wear them I get a lot of compliments. I definitely recommend all of you to try these two fall colors for this season!

Let me know in the comments below, what are your favorite fall items?

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Get Perfect Cheek Bones!!

Hey Girls! How are you doing? Want your cheek bones looking perfect? Here’s how to do it. Use 3 colors of blush to achieve the best look. Use the darkest shade just below your cheekbone, then use a medium tone directly on your cheek bone. Use a light shimmery shade on top of the cheekbone. Test it out and tell me how it turns out, in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow me on my blog! Heart you all ❤

Colored Jeans My Fav Fashion Trend For Spring And Summer!

Hey Girls! How are you all doing? Lately, I have been wearing  a lot of colorful jeans and have been getting lots of compliments on them. Whenever I wear colored denims it reminds of Paris because you see so many people wearing colored jeans there especially guys. Colored jeans have been hitting the streets since last spring and from the looks of it, they’re here to stay for awhile! Lots of Hollywood stars are also seen rocking their colored denim trend on street and in parties. For Spring and summer, bright and bold colors are a major trend. Colored  jeans are fun and modern, adding excitement to one’s overall look. I like to style my denims with modern tops, blouses, even jackets and fashionable blazers. Colorful bright jeans bring good mood and always look refreshing and trendy during the spring time. Designers give this Spring trend a feminine twist with tight fit and sexy styles. I like to pair mine with some sandals, boots, booties or flats to provide a perfectly polished look.

Every girl must have a colorful pair of jeans in her closet. You can easily achieve a bold and stunning look with a crazy and sexy pair of colorful denim. So, get yourself a different look this season with a pair of colored jeans that reflects your lifestyle and personality.  They’re perfect for adding a punch of color to every outfit and they’re easy to style, sometimes all you need is a plain t-shirt to pair and you’re good to go! Celebs are embracing these fun colors and we can too! Here’s some celeb colored jeans inspiration to get your mind seeing more than just blue denims!

How do you like to style your colored denims and which denim color is your favorite for this spring and summer? Don’t forget to follow me on my blog!

Fur the Perfect Do!

Hey Everyone! I adore fur. I know some people are against animal cruelty but I only have an item or two of fur & they are pretty old. Fur makes your outfit look so luxurious and complete, sort of like the high end. I love wearing booties with fur coat, it’s a perfect match for me!

Do you wear fur?? Let me know in the comments below!

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Denim Styling!

Hey Dolls! Spring is almost here and it brings along the denim-inspiration. I love all the ways how denim can be incorporated into an outfit…beyond the standard pair of standard blue jeans (not that those don’t rock too ;))

Here are a few ideas…

How do you like to style your denims?? Let me know in the comments below!

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Trench Coats Perfect For Spring!!

Happy Friday Everyone! Spring has arrived and with it comes the unpredictable weather. Trench coats continue to be as popular as always this spring.  A trench coat is perfect to wear during transitional weather: whether the weather is gearing up to get warm or cold, but isn’t there yet. A trench coat is also incredibly versatile and works equally well with casual and dressy attire. I personally go with the Hippo prefers fitted and elegant styles (got to show off that fine figure 🙂 and classy colors: beige, grey, sand for versatility. This season take your pick from a confetti of styles: fitted, free flowing, ruffled, asymmetrical, belted, buttoned,  zippered, simple or embellished.

 What is your favorite type of trench coat? Or do you have a better way to combat that weather than with the always chic trench coat?

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Cute Spring Hairstyles!!

Hey Dolls! I have been doing these hairstyles lately and people have been giving me lots of compliments and have been asking how to achieve this look. So, today I’m going to share these cute, perfect for spring hairstyles with you and teach you the process on achieving the beautiful hairstyle!

Messy Side Braid

A little bit sexy, a little bit sweet, Kim Kardashian’s style works for day, night, weekends and any other time. Give yourself a deep side part, then gently swoop your hair over to one side. Braid lengths, then secure the tail with an elastic that matches your hair color. Perfection is not the goal—if little pieces stick out, no biggie.

Side Twisted Chignon

Apply volumizing spray to damp hair, then blow dry them. Get a little textured hair after blow drying. Then create a center part. Starting at the front, twist small sections of the hair from the sides and pull each side back into a bun or chignon, secure with bobby pins. And your done!

Are you going to try these cute hairstyles??